Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

It's interesting how this Mother's Day happens to coincide with Frog Jumping Day. I don't exactly know what the point is, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The pic at left has to be the best Mother's Day pic you've ever seen. It doesn't get better than that. Little Luke is doing well. He sleeps 22 hours a day, eats, and preforms other actions that involve the word "diaper." Sounds like the ideal life to me.

Tuesday is the band banquet with a 007 theme. That means yours truly has to dress up in a tux. Wednesday is the AP English Language Exam (US History was last Friday...that was "fun" to say the least). Enough said for that. The rest of the week should be normal (normal=hectic), so fun stuff indeed.

In these confused days that comprise test season, they always say that if you have to guess, go with choice C. Well, that's not always your best choice. Especially if the final is true/false. As the professor of this idiot says, "B is the new C."

Researchers have come up with a machine that can make you go to sleep with the push of a button, then gives you the equivalent of eight hours of sleep in just two or three hours. Hey, we trust just about everything else with a machine, so why not sleep?

Optical illusions are strange things (hence the "illusion" part). This this "motion binding" thing especially boggling/captivating. Don't stare too might get dizzy.

Well, I'm off to go throw together an almond basket.

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