Sunday, May 06, 2007

San Francisco

It's been a while since I did a good update, so I'll try to hit the major points here.

The band trip to San Francisco was cool experience and fun time (as expected). We played really well and got a Gold, plus another Boston invite. We hit the major points of the city (Golden Gate, Lombard St, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, etc), all of which were pretty cool. Even though there was no Leo Laporte sighting, we had a really fun time. I uploaded a few of my 363 pictures (yeah I kinda went overboard) here.

I'm an uncle again! Luke Fitch was born on May 3rd at 7:56am. Even though he took a while to emerge, that little dude was pretty active from the getgo. He's a fast learner too. Probably a sign of genius...especially with Jon reading to him at 2 days old. Luke's being a perfect little newborn screaming on schedule every two hours and driving his parents nuts. Now we officially have Matthew, Clark, Luke, and Jon in the family. There are a few pics of the latest addition here.

May is arguably one of the worst months school-wise. Summer is so close...yet so far. First there's STAR testing. Then SAT's/ACT's. Then AP tests (English Language and Comp. and US History for me). Then Finals. The month of testing. Oh joy. But hey...only a month to go.

It is interesting to compare how the same school related scenarios would be handled differently in 2007 as opposed to 1973. These were originally intended as jokes, but the scary thing is that they are kind of accurate.

Apple people scare me. No only are they part of the infamous "cult of the mac" but they do stuff like this in their free time.

This is just plain mean. When you really gotta go, you don't have time to carefully read the sign, but in this case let's hope you would.

That's about it for now...Matt is crawling around my feet and getting a tad restless.

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Sheena said...

I agree...San Francisco was great. thanks for the millionth time for letting us play.

Congrats,you are a new uncle...again. that must be pretty exciting.

well have a good life, oh and happy mothers day (even if does not pertain to you :)