Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blue Man Group

This week was pretty exciting. Even with no school I'm keeping busy.

Last Sunday was Luke's baptism. It was pretty amazing...the kid didn't cry (definitely a first). It was nice to get together and celebrate that.

I had the chance to shadow a radiologist on Friday. I got to see some of the different stuff they do and also got to watch a procedure. I got a lot out of that; definitely an interesting experience. After that, I came home, watched the shuttle land, and went over to the the hospital. The ER was as busy as usual (meaning it was insane). After getting spit and sworn upon I met Jon and we headed up to meet my dad and sister in Vegas to help Andi and Karl move. Needless to say, Friday was a busy day. Hey, that rhymed.

On Saturday night we went and saw the Blue Man Group. Karl "knows a guy" so we actually got the tickets free. I'll sum up the show in one word: awesome. The visual effects were amazing and the music pretty cool. We really had a good time. And the price was right, too.

Band sectional on Tuesday at 2. Be there.

The iPhone launches on Friday night although it appears a select few have already gotten a hold of one. Many are predicting it will be a big hit; others a big flop. I'm gonna say that it's going to be big for a little while then die out.

The Aurora Boreals are amazing to look at from earth, but the view from space is pretty breathtaking also.

The new way to contribute to a green earth: the rubber Emo Bulb! The perfect energy saving solution for emos, goths and blind people.

Police aren't responding to your "petty" call? This guy found a solution.

I think I found the secret to Asian success...they can remove their head! Silly Asians.

That's all for now...I think I'm going to go get my free Jamba Juice.


Tiffany said...

Aw! yay for Luke's baptism. =]
Hm, the ER sounds kinda freaky and crazy.
Whats wrong with Asians... =/

Sheena said...

Oh I probably dialed the wrong number or something. Anyways I'll be there maybe a little early like 1:30 (it's latest my mother can stay on lunch break). ANything I need to bring?

Clark said...

1:30 is fine...just bring the clarinet.


Sheena said...

congrats on Luke's baptism. Very special moment...

Mr. Matalon is a pretty cool guy. He likes to come up to people and has a policy of "no embarassment" or something like that. He didn't have toothpick but he had cup of coffee or at least I assumed it was coffee.

I don't think I'm Asian. I'm not entirely sure. Well maybe I am. or not.