Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Viva el Cuarto de Emergencia

Summer is nice. Even with school part-time it's nice to relax a little bit.

We went up to Vegas last weekend to see Andi, Karl and Matt. Matt is getting to be quite the personality. Karl, my dad and I went to the 51's (Dodger Triple-A team) game on Saturday. It was pretty cool because former Dodger all star, Ron Cey aka "The Penguin" was there. Although I don't think he was too excited to be there, it was cool to see him and get a pic and autograph. After that, we met up with some guy that Karl treated who is the VP of marketing for the 51's. He was a really cool guy; we were able to sit right up behind home plate for the last two innings and got to walk out through the dugout. Fun stuff.

If anybody has any interest in a nice second home in Vegas, drop me an email...I can hook you up.

I started working in the ER last Friday. That place is insane. I call patients, take vitals, and then transport the patent wherever they need to go. I have to admit, it is a lot more fun than the pharmacy. Some of the stuff was pretty out there...chopped of fingers, run-over feet, wood chunks in the eye, etc. It's definitely a new experience, but I really like it so far.

President "Bubble Head" Bush visited Albania last week to a very praising crowd. It seems the whole country loves him. Well, maybe all except one or two. I tend to agree with those one or two. If you jump the clip to around 50 seconds you notice he has a watch on his left hand. Give it about 10 seconds and that sucker is gone.

The infamous Mac browser Safari has been released for Windows. I have yet to try it, and honestly no clue why Apple would release it for PC.

Be careful where you park in LA. I would hope that's part of the ad, but either way its a pretty creative idea.

An Oregon middle school student made the obvious observation that the school water was just..."weird." Unlike the many of us who have made this same observation, he took action, tested the bacteria content, and found that the toilet water was cleaner than the water from the water fountain. Reminds me of the green water in anatomy. Good times.

That's about it for now. I'm gonna go take another nap...I love summer.

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Josh K. said...

I remember that greenish-brown water! Especially this one time when we were dissecting cow eyeballs, and my partner turned the red-knobed faucet lever.
Good times...