Sunday, August 01, 2004

Ain't Going Down 'til The Sun Comes Up

That was the song that earned Karl Stutelberg (my Bro-in-law) a third place in the semi-finals and qualification for the Route 66 Bar and Grill karaoke finals. To answer the most prevalent question on your mind right now, yes my brother-in-law sings karaoke (and he's pretty good, too). So, if you want to watch him in the finals for a chance to win $500, come on down to the Route 66 Bar and Grill in Canyon Country (Santa Clarita) on Friday, August 13. The competition starts at 11pm.

What does the first place team in the NL West do when they are playing great ball and in first place? They hall off and trade half of their star players on the team. That's exactly what the Dodgers did.
Lo Duca, Mota, Encarnacion, Martin, and Roberts are gone. I'll say it again for you secluded folks who haven’t herd yet: the Dodgers traded Lo Duca, Mota, Encarnacion, Martin, and Roberts.
That was a real smart move.
Why? Nobody knows. (Well, except De Poesta...maybe)
The Dodgers acquired Brad Penny and Hee-Seop Choi from the Marlins and Steve Finley and Brent Mayne from Arizona.

We finally finalized a trailer for "Where's The Cream Filling?" You can find a link on the Clarkville homepage.

On Saturday Louis, Casey, Karl (my bro in law) and Jon (my future bro in law) saw Napoleon Dynamite. All I can say is, "Heck Yes!" (You had to see the movie). It was mega low budget, and equally awesome.

That’s about it for now.

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