Tuesday, August 17, 2004

G'day from Colorado

Howdee doo, I'm in Colorado in a cabin setteled in the beuatiful mountians of the Grand Mesa. Wow...this is an awesome view, I'll try to post some pictures later.

On Friday "Karl and the Nearly Barenaked Ladies" came in as a runner-up in the Karaoke finals. He sung "One Week", and if you think about his group name and the who the artist of "One Week" is for a little while, you might get it. I'll post some pics as soon as I get them. He one a cash prize of $50...enough to cover an IMAX viewing of Harry Potter 3 in Vegas on Sun.

Watching the Olympics? The US is actually doing halfway decent, which is pretty cool.

Not much else to say right now, I might update later and might not...depends on how stable my connection is :)

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