Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tuesday's Tech News

+There's a serious security flaw in AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM) that could give a hacker access to an unknowing user's computer. AOL has yet to patch the bug.

+Not to be left out of all of the SP2 buzz for Windows, Apple is shipping a 43 megabyte update to OS X today along with a separate security update that patches handling of PNG images. Mac OS 10.3.5 improves Bluetooth performance and updates video drivers. Software update will pull down the updates automatically.

+A nasty virus has been spreading fast since yesterday. The Bagel variant usually has the words price or price quote in the body of the message, the attached file contains the virus and will infect your machine if you open it.

+Can't wait until the 25th for SP2? It's now being distributed on the peer-to-peer file sharing networks, like Kaaza, BearShare and Grokster. It's probably better to wait until it's available on Windows Update later this month. It's a 272 meg download from the file sharing networks and will be much smaller from Windows Update because you will only download the parts of the update that you need. If you must, the full version is now available from Microsoft directly.

+Intel has pushed the launch date for the 4GHz Pentium IV ahead to early 2005. Meanwhile, there are severe shortages for the 3.6GHz Prescott.

That's about it for today...check back later!

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