Monday, February 13, 2006

3 Days Away...

Only three days until I leave for Fresno. I think that I'm just about as ready as I'll ever be. The only thing that might hurt me is the sight reading, even though I've been trying to prep with that evil orange book by that poor man named Klosé. I'm kind of nervous/excited about the whole thing, and hopefully I won't get too roused by the mass infestation of Asians.

What is this world coming to? I mean, really, our own Vice-President shoots a guy. Honestly, I know the Cheney is ignorant, but to "accidentally" shoot somebody? Did his buddy look anything like a duck?

This is pretty hilarious. It's the second installment of Leno's "free" photo both. Definitely worth a click.

I always want to follow the Olympics, but never have time to watch them. NBC's Olympic site is great this year. You can just glance at it for results, or watch the previous day's events online.

Welp, tomorrow is the infamous "2/14." Let's hope the safest day of the year tomorrow is also the most entertaining.

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