Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hitting the Big Time

As a few of you know, myself, David, and Erin were featured in a segment on AV3 Thursday night. That's right folks...I was on the Channel 3 News. Yep, I'm just about a celebrity along with Mitchell Chase, "'You found a friend' Bob Montague", and the few other poor souls at Channel 3.

The segment looked like something similar to a home movie with the cut off heads and such, but, hey, it was local news. I wasn't clean-cut this time, but good 'ol Bob called us "prodigies," so that’ll suffice, I guess. It gave you that hokey small town wanabe news feeling, at which AV3 never seems to let you down. It was still nice, nonetheless.

My 16th birthday was on Wednesday. Off into that great stereotypical age. Some of this years highlights include: grow-a-geek, a Bob's Big Boy bank, socks, and cold hard cash.

Not too much else new in my world. Why does it seem that Florida and Texas are always doing the weirdest things? Florida wants to make it so Dogs can eat in restaurants. Wha???

And in Texas, we of course have our weekly occurrence of the school principal firing a bullet through the wall in his office. Wonderful.

A good AP copy editor always know to make their headlines short, concise and to the point. That's one of the better ones in a while.

That's about it for now...Band/Orchestra festival is later this week. Hopefully we pick out what we're playing soon.


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