Sunday, March 05, 2006

Buffy's Coming Home!

I don't think I even mentioned it before, but my R-13 (my really good clarinet), named Buffy, is down in LA being repaired for a hairline crack. The whole crack thing sucks; it went through two tone holes (that's twice the price), but it didn’t go through to the bore, so that’s good. With luck he'll be coming home tomorrow, (almost) as good as new.

Wow...this was a busy week, but nonetheless a good one as well. Band/Orchestra festival went pretty superiorly. Symphonic got a superior on both the performance and sight-reading, and Wind Ensemble got a high superior on the performance, but we got a really funky sight-reading piece and everybody kinda fell apart, so we got an excellent.

Yesterday I went down to Cal-Poly Pomona with Joe Walker for Science Olympiad. It was a lot of fun catching up with everybody and seeing what the team has become since The Dynasty. We got to run Bottle Rockets (since apparently nobody else knew how), and got a free lunch (definitely one of the highlights). I had a great time (despite the fact I was getting sicker by the minute and ready to pass out a few times), and will definitely go again.

Can you really die from laughter? I guess so.

If you're ever planning on robbing a convenience store, just make sure this guy isn't behind the counter. Pretty funny to watch him describe it.

Finally, take a look at this. You have to look and listen very carefully and it takes a little while, but it's worth it. Thanks for the link, Karl.

I'm pretty dang sick, so I think I'll switch on the Oscars and fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry again if I killed you I really didn’t mean to, but Sic Oly was fun so it’s all gravy. Your highlight of the day might have been the food but I’m pretty sure that mine was when the guy that was timing w/ us said “one, two, thurree........go!” either that or (I added letters for pronunciation purposes)HaChA!!!!! Haha I’m kidding I’m not that heartless.

By the way you can’t fool me w/ that “look at this” crap I’ve seem that thingy before, so there. But I wanted to kill my mom when she showed it to me, I think I might of screamed and jump a foot in the air.

Hope your feeling better.


Clark said...

Yeah, the "thurree" thing was pretty good. It's HooChA!, btw. Not that we need to say it or anything. I can't stand it, those stupid "look at this" things get me every time...I don't know what it is. Google says merpeople skin is gray, btw.