Sunday, March 19, 2006

Barstow: 29 Miles

I’m writing on the way home from Vegas, so I’ll probably post it when I get home in a few hours, which won’t matter too much for you, because I’ll be home by the time you are reading this anyway. I know…this whole time lapse post thing is beyond me too.

I have to admit…this was a pretty awesome week. On Wednesday I became an uncle. Karl and Andi had Matt a few weeks early, but all is good. We left for Vegas right after Solo/Ensemble on Saturday to see him. Apparently I’m not of close enough relation to him so I couldn’t see him because he’s in the NICU (I just sat in some waiting room and watched some Jackie Chan movie…but it’s all good), but it was still pretty cool.

Solo/Ensemble was a success. Even though I thought I could have done better (I can see half of you scowling at me now), I walked away with a superior and two CP’s. I even sight-read a duet half-way successfully for somebody. Despite the intonation issues on my solo CP, the day was a lot of fun. I helped out, ran music, and networked with judges, not to mention playing, all day, so it was a busy one.

I’m sitting in a cramped car right now, so finding links is kinda hard. Sorry...check back next week.

Welp, I think I’m gonna stare out the window at the desert until I fall asleep.

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Anonymous said...

Btw when I read "Even though I thought I could have done better" I didn't scowl I just rolled my eyes then I read the "(I can see half of you scowling at me now)" and I died laughing. All in all I think that made up for not having any links.