Monday, February 20, 2006

All State

All State was an awesome experience. It was a load of fun, and I had a great time. Not only was just the band great and some of the players phenomenal, but the entire experience was incredible. For those of you who are more visual, here's a few pics (there's more to come).

Seeing as my audition for band and seat didn't go that well (actually I screwed it up pretty bad), I made 2nd part in the Concert Band. I was still very pleased, after all, regardless of the band, this was All State.

16 Hours of rehearsal was a lot, but it all paid off in the end. It was amazing how talented and responsive some of the players were. Even though our conductor wasn't the nicest guy in the world, it was all good.

What made the experience real nice was that it was more than just one big long rehearsal. There were tons of other activities, like the CBDA Expo, colleges galore, and some great concerts. On Friday night we got to see the Boston Brass...they were absolutely incredible. All of this not to mention some of the great, talented people I had the chance to meet.

I had a blast at All State...and was dead tired on Sunday. Hopefully, with some luck, myself and a few other QHHSers will make it next year. Best of all, I didn’t get hurt of killed by all the Asians!

Here are some of the pics I do have, and I'll try to get some audio up as soon as I can.

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