Wednesday, February 08, 2006


If anybody even mentions the words "clean-cut sophomore" to me one more time, I swear...

Well, we made the front page (obviously). I was sort of expecting a short little human interest thing on page E-36, but hey, I'll take the front page any day. With the exception of the snickering "clean-cut" comments, it's been a cool experience. But as my dad says- today's news is tomorrow fish wrap.

Fish wrap or not, All State is Only 7 more days, and a lot more practicing to do.

Disneyland last week was pretty awesome. Literally no lines, so we got to do pretty much every major ride, even some twice, in only 5 hours. It was a lot of fun, and I have to admit, the best part (besides the clam chowder) was hearing us announced in the "Disney" voice down the parade route.

Vista has a release date...mark your calendars for December 1st.

The annual race to the top of the Empire State Building was today. The winner of the 2-mile, 1,576 stair race was from Germany with a time of 10 minutes and 23 seconds. You gotta try that next year, Karl.

Finally, for those inquiring, here's everything you ever wanted to know about Phil the groundhog.

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