Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy National Nut Day

October 22 is National Nut Day, so go out there and thank an almond. Then eat it.

I apologize for the lack of an update last week; I was in Pasadena most of the day and sleep seemed to be the more favorable activity when I got home. But I do have good news (no, I did not save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico...sorry): I made the Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band, the official band of the Tournament of Roses Parade. Yep...I'll be marching in the Rose Parade along with 7 others from the AV. I'm looking forward to it, my sister did it ten years ago so I hear many good things. Here's the schedule if you want to see the insane amount of time it's worth it.

Yes folks, you can now store all of your valuable data on your key chain. For only $1500 you can get a 32GB thumb drive. Just what this world needs.

In case you ever need to know how to say "hello" in Egyptian, Kabuverdianu, or Guugu Yimithirr, here's a site that gives you greetings in over 800 languages. Very helpful if you ever need to travel to the deep forests of Tasmania.

How not to lean Karate. Ouch.

Firefox 2.0 its scheduled to come out Tuesday. It is essentially the same, but has a few new neat little features. If you can't wait until then, here's a link to RC3, which is pretty much the same as the final release. I'll have to get a new shirt now.

It's that time of year to bring back the old car commercial ghost. This has been around a while, but its still pretty freaky. Watch closely after the car leaves the trees and you might see it. Kinda spooky.

That's all for now...I'm gonna go find some peanuts and celebrate the day of the nut.


Anonymous said...

I'm depressed you found the 'ghost' car without the German.
It's so much better in German.

Sheena said...

Wow. I don't know how I came across this blog, but I'm here. Yeah this is Sheena (freshman) in band and I am surprised to find you on the internet. Apparently I'm really bored so bear with my boring conversation. CONGRATS on your making in the Tournament of Roses! I probably wouldn't make even if I tried. you are so talented. yeah well that's pretty much it. Wait almost forgot...what if you are allergic to some nuts? Would it be possible to still celebrate National Nut Day? oh well

Clark said...

Wow, that internet thing is pretty amazing...

Thanks for the congrats. If you're allergic to nuts, either wish one a happy nut day without eating it or find some fake synthetic nuts, if they exist. Which they probably don't. Anyways...happy national nut day to you as well. See you tomorrow-


Josh K. said...

WOW! I knew I would find your blog eventually (by the way this is Josh K. freshman and your "personal assistant") Congrats for making the rose parade but when you make all state anything else is pretty much possible, so I read some some of your blog and I realized that you are an interesting person (and no I dont mean that in a mean way) anyways I better get going because I am probably boring you by now... oh by the way I am thinking of telling our other clarinet freshman friends about your website, we might even start a Fan club for you. And you better be nice to us or we will make "STEWART" eat your blog and your website will be gone. Anyways back to our serious-ness... congrats on the parade, and I thanked an almond earlier today and then I ate it. then I realized I was allergic to them so I unthanked it and spat it out.
P.S. I am allergic to almonds, but I didn't really eat one... god knows what wouldve happened. see you tomorrow, and dont trip on the stairs again!

Sheena said...

Hey Clark
It's me again! If you want to pull out a restraining order against me...that's okay. I'll understand.anyways please don't delete this blog because it's fun talking to you via Internet:) I don't think synthetic nuts really exist but if there are any in this world, i probably won't eat them anyways.So how's it going? My life is okay I guess. From what I read, you seem like you have a lot of activities going on. By the way do you have Mrs. Nichter for anatomy? Because if you do, you have a test on thursday, which is tommorow!(I have her third for biology)So how do you think we're gonna do at HART? Well Im kind of nervous...You probably want to kill me now Because I am boring you to death.OMG did you put comment moderation Because I started coming here?! Im sorry!
Bye Clark

Clark said...

I'm an "interesting" person? Thanks a lot. It's too bad you coulnd't celebrate by eating an almond. You should invent some synthetic nut or somthing since Sheena claim they don;t exist. Anyways a belated happy national nut day to my personal assistant.

Don't worry...I won't get a restraining order (even though it wouldn't be valid online...), you are welcome here anytime you wish. You should invent a synthetic nut with Josh. Yes I do have Nichter 1st period, and yes I do have an anatomy test tomorrow. So I'm gonna go study...see you tomorrow-


ps- Hart should be...interesting.

Anonymous said...

O...kay. So here it goes. You've got 6 comments already, I call dibs on 7th (maybe). So... anyways, congrats on making T of R. You get to deal with me all during Christmas break... lucky you. :] Ha, your problem not mine. lol. Sorry if I totally upset you today.. I have a tendency to do that a lot don't I? Well, either way, I'm sorry. And I have a quick question.. why does Sheena and Josh get to have their name at the bottom of their comment but all I get is an anonymous. Hm, I guess I'm not your buddy or something. *tear* ah, well, I should probably leave you alone now... since this thing is like super long. (not only that but I have to start studying for the vocab test for English... I got a F+ on the last quiz. lol) Anywho, I'll ttyl!