Sunday, October 08, 2006


Where did it go?

Friday was one of those famous 17 hour Football Fridays, followed by a competition on Saturday. We went to Simi and did ok. In most areas we got 3rd out of 4 in our division (all within a few points), but in music we got second highest overall. So that was kind of cool. To top it all off, I had to play with Bells this morning at 7. A few hours of homework later, here I am.

Andi, Karl and Matt were here this week. Matt was pretty hilarious...if you haven't seen the video, check out the short version (see last post), or full length. If you have seen it, go watch it again. It's worth it.

Well, both the Dodgers and Twins got swept in the first round of MLB playoffs. It's kind of ironic because both looked really great toward the end of the regular season. It's to bad...but I'm sure we'll get over it. Maybe.

This is a pretty cool image showing the "barrier between heaven and hell." It's kind of a neat, ironic occurrence in nature, if it's real, but I'm not too sure how real the photo is.

This site is pretty cool/creepy. Make sure you have audio on. It's described as "musical realization of motion graphics," that probably doesn't make much sense, but just read it on the site. Pretty cool stuff.

This guy took a picture of himself every day for 8 years and compliled it into a video. Interesting to see how much of a change there is. It gets pretty cool towards the end.

That's all for now...I think I'm gonna go sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hey Clark!
How are you??? Sorry that your weekend went by fast. Am I the only one that can't see that video of Matt?!? Anyways, I'll ttyl!

Clark said...

I'm good...despite the non-existant weekend.. Try one of the links to download the video if you can't see it. Have a happy Monday-