Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 2: Orientation

We've been at sea for over 30 hours now and it's quite fun watching people struggle to earn their "sea legs." I think my favorite moment was walking down one of the narrow hallways in a line of people and watching the line unintentionally curve and snake with the roll of the ship. Today was all orientation. Like any good orientation, it was long and hideously boring. I learned not to set the room on fire, keep fingers out of a doorway to avoid amputation, and how it's not a good idea hop over the deck railing. Apparently all these intelligent moves have been done on past voyages. I also got to listen to the infamous alcohol horror stories directed at the 21% of my peers that can be medically classified as alcoholics. A fun day indeed.

Not having the ability to use a cell phone has revealed how dependent we are on these little bits of technology. I didn't think I would have that big of a problem (and really don't) but have never before thought twice about planning something like a dinner time and place with others well in's always been done via text. Another good experience to add to the list.

There was an "involvement symposium" tonight and I signed up for a few interesting programs. In addition to the medicine interest group there were some neat looking faculty-student social opportunities and an "extended family" program that pairs students up with the life-long learners. I'll let you know how those go. It doesn't look like there's too much music going on here but I ask around occasionally. Maybe something will come up. Classes start tomorrow so I better be off to bed as we lose yet another hour to a time change tonight.

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Anonymous said...

At least 79% of your peers are non medically classified alcoholics. Not bad for a group of college kids. PO