Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 9: Pre-Port and Cartwheels

As I write I'm sitting on one of the outer decks watching Daniel (former fellow RA from CLU) and a few others attempt cartwheels.  I realize that anybody reading this probably could care less but the image is so entertaining I have to share.  Just imagine me attempting to complete a cartwheel and I think you'll get an idea of what this is like.  This whole situation is a prime example of the madness that 9 days at sea can instill in people.  I've said it in the last few posts, but I can't wait to get on land.

We had our official "logistical pre-port" session tonight.  It was pretty long and  literally filled with a hundred questions (yet there always seems to be more).  We will dock at 8:00am, go through customs, attend a diplomatic session, and hopefully be able to get off the ship by 10:00am.  I spent most of today researching sites in Barcelona and actually had lunch with a professor of Spanish culture and history (knighted by the Spanish king) at UVA who is one of our inter-port lecturers.  We got a lot of good advice and tips.  It will be especially interesting to be in Madrid on Friday night when Spain has a World Cup match.

The Abnormal test I had to day went well, it was about what I was expecting.  It's pretty obvious that profs and students alike are anxious for tomorrow.  Given all the upcoming ports and activities, I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to fly by.  I'll try to update as possible and hopefully get some pictures up with land-based internet.  There's a group of us tomorrow morning that are waking up early (no more 23 hour days for a while!) to see the sunrise and watch the process of being guided into port.  That's all for now, the adventures are just beginning.


Anonymous said...

good boy, Clark. you difinitley have the travel bug. Look what I got my family started on!!! still want to know the stats on the ship, when built, how big, original owner & name. Love, GMO

Stutelberg Family said...

What about your cartwheels? I hope you participated! Sounds like fun!! Have fun in Spain and be safe...I imagine the World Cup fans can get fairly wild. I almost forgot, you are an RA at CLU so you have seen it all!! Ha Ha