Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 21: EasyJet and Neapolitan Pizza

We departed Venice early to catch our flight back to Naples.  I was a little concerned because our airline was "EasyJet," a European budget airline that doesn't have the greatest track record for customer service.  I heard a few horror stories from SASers about delays and cancellations and at the airport there was a large group of people with giant signs proclaiming "never fly easyJet!"  Our flight was only delayed an hour and we landed safely so I guess that's what really matters.  It's open seating and three of us were able to fight our way into the exit row with some nice leg room.  Daniel got crammed next to a screaming baby but he's a good sport.  After eventually decoding the Naples bus system we got back to the ship around noon.

As a final farewell to Naples, a few of us headed out to get a final Italian pizza and gelato.  The famous "pizza margarita" was actually invented in Naples and I wanted to try to get to the place it was first served but it was a little too far of a walk.  We stumbled upon a local place filled with Italians where nobody spoke English so it was probably a good non-tourist representation of food.  I'll miss the Italian pizza and gelato but I'm sure there's much more adventurous food on the way.

We arrived back to the ship before the required "on ship" time (always a good thing) and spent the rest of the day recovering from the previous long days of travel.  There was an all ship BBQ for the 4th of July and Canada Day (apparently it's July 1st, you get the celebrate that when your Global Studies professor is from Winnipeg).  The food was really good and probably an incentive to get everybody out on deck for a picture.  The evening was spent bidding farewell to Italy and studying for a Global Studies midterm.

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