Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 28: Laundry Day

I know it doesn't sound like an occasion worthy of making a blog title but when laundry day rolls around to your floor, it's a rather joyous occasion.  Only one side of each floor can be done per day at sea.  Factoring in the days we're at port into this rotation, it comes out to about once every twenty days or so.  We got the schedule at the beginning of the voyage so I was able to sit down and do the math to make sure I had just enough to get through and luckily everything worked out (I'm on my last pair of clothes...hopefully the laundry fairies didn't lose my bag and it will appear outside the door tomorrow).

Other than the excitement of getting clean clothes, today was pretty uneventful.  It was a normal day of classes.  Since we just finished the first round of exams there's nothing too stressful going on.  In the middle of Abnormal Psych today the ship started listing starboard (to the right for my non-nautically inclined friends...they grind the lingo into your head here, it's actually kind of fun to use) and eventually got to the point where people, chairs and anything else unsecured started sliding.  We got an announcement a few seconds later that there was a man overboard "for exercise purposes only."  While difficult to stand, it was pretty cool to watch the ship to a donut and see the little rescue boat lowered to the water, sail around for a bit, and be hoisted back up.

I occasionally run into my extended family "parents" so it's fun to keep up with them and exchange stories.  I sat down with Leslie today and she did a quick interview about our Bosnia experience for the official voyage blog.  There's a chance a picture might make it also, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog (  Tomorrow we have classes again before going through the normal ritual of logistical pre-port and prepare for arrival in Greece.  That's all for now, I need to fold some laundry.


Stutelberg Family said...

Thanks for the link...couldn't find any pics of you but it was a really cool little slideshow. Must feel good to be wearing clean cloths!!

Anonymous said...

If my calculations are right - You will be wearing dirty clothes when we see you in Egypt. Love Mo