Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 41: Back Through the Dardanelles

I think I say this every time we return to classes after a stretch at port, but it's such a weird sensation to go from galavanting around Istanbul one day to sitting in Global Studies the next.  I was talking with a few people last night and we came the conclusion that the ship has definitely taken on a "home" sort of feel.  We're all getting used to the food, accommodations, and people around.  I don't know whether that's good or bad.

Classes today went well.  Everybody (both profs and students) are pretty scattered but that's to be expected.  We spent 45 minutes talking about vomit in Infections Disease.  I think it's part of his master plan to keep us eating appropriately in Egypt.  Global Studies today started with an interesting pirate impression and I don't know if I've ever attended a lecture titled "Knights and Pirates" (complete with acting) before.  We have a test in Abnormal Psych tomorrow so I've been devoting a bit of study time there.  I also have three pretty big papers due right before Morocco so I began some brainstorming there as well.  After hitting the gym this afternoon I went to a session on travel photography by our staff photographer which was actually really interesting.  Apparently I need to work on keeping better cohesion among the photos I take.

Other than classes and significant anticipation for arrival in Egypt, today was fairly unexciting.  My parents should be arriving in Cairo tomorrow (or today/tonight however it works with the time changes) and I can't wait to see them the day after tomorrow.  I've probably read over the Egypt itinerary 4 or 5 times now; it's going to be an awesome trip.  That's all for now, I have some Somatoform disorders to memorize.


Stutelberg Family said...

We have been in Big Bear the past 4days and one of the first things I did when we got home was run to the computer to check your blog! Keep it coming!
Matt has discovered the "Jackson Five" and has been rockin in true Matt style. So as you wander and experince your adventures Karl and I are eagerly anticipating a "show" this evening starting Matt as MJ!! He is currenlty in his room putting together his costume, which is a welcome break from the singing can only listen to "I Want You Back" so much!!
Have fun and give Mo and Po a big hug!!

Peg Ryan said...

Give me bro and sis-in-law a big hug from reading about your experiences.....