Friday, July 23, 2004

A few Things...

I don't have much time, because we're going to start filming for "Cream Filling", but I thought you might find these pretty interesting:

-You can now drink your Krispy Kreme. Yes, you can now order your favorite doughnut in frozen drink form, including frozen original kreme, raspberry, latte, double chocolate, and many more.

-Staples has a 2 for 1 deal on Bic Z4 pens. I highly recommend the Z4 as a gel pen, and you can read the full review in the upcoming "Louis and Clark's 2005 Pen Review". Stay tuned for updates on that, as well.

-When I was at Staples, I also noticed that Parker released a new Pro Ballpoint: The Parker Reflex. I had to try it...after all it was a new parker; those don't come out very often. The Reflex was by far the BEST ballpoint that I have ever tried.

Well, got to get to least you probably found one point interesting.

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