Monday, July 19, 2004

LCLC Productions Announcement

The Following is an official announcement from LCLC Productions:

LCLC Productions will be producing a new upcoming movie entitled "Where's the Cream Filling" starring Clark Crane as Thomas Hampton, a CEO of a pen company; Louis Lucero II as Jacquelyn [Last name not determined], a conniving secretary; Casey Mitsch as Raphael [Last name not determined], a milkman; Aaron Wild as Jeeves [No last name], a butler/bodyguard; and finally Luke Spaulding and Carlos Lucero as Detectives [Names undetermined] investigating a murder case.

I can't tell you too many details abouty the plot for 3 reasons: (1) I don't know if I'm allowed to, (2) I don't know too many details besides the first scene, and (3) I don't feel like typing anymore than I have to. I can tell you that it involves suspense, murder, comedy, and Twinkies. That should get most of you hooked right away.

There is a trailer out there, but it's not online yet, so check back for a link.

The movie is due out sometime before Halloween.

I really hope that I was allowed to say all of that. More details to come.

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