Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday's News

Here are the Crane Files top stories for today:

-"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" will be the title of the 6th Harry Potter book. The Title was just released today with few other details. Based on the release of the last few books, "Half Blood Prince" will probably be on shelves in about 6 months.

-The Mozilla Foundation has confirmed that there's a bug in the programs that allows sites to execute code in Windows without user intervention. It affects Mozilla AND Firefox, unlike it says on my website (I can't update right now). There is a patch, I recommend you download it now. Mac and Linux users are unaffected, so as usual, it is only us Windows idiots who have to worry about this.

-Happy birthday to Tom Hanks, he's 48.

That's about it for the news that's actually useful to you, here are some if my musings for today:

-Hackers are converging today at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC for the 5th annual Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) Conference.

-A Tourist gets lost following a 1914 guide book.

-Some Chinese loansharks attempt to force man to sell kidney to pay back his debts.

That's all for news.

Today's random quote:
"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"
-George W. Bush (who else?)

I will be at Disney Land Sat and Sun, so I wont be able to update. I know your all terribly crushed. That's all for now.

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